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Im kinda obsessed with cute snapchat filters β—‡ β—‡ Tags: #emo #emogirl #emostyle #scene #scenegirl #lgbt #lgbtgirls #snapchat #bored #lesbian #cute #hot #hotgirl #cutegirl #hoodies


Choking on the ashes of her enemy 🎢 (old picture)


LiL NUZZi - Peace For The World My birthday wish this year was to see the world to be in peace and I don't wanna see the world fallin crumble. I freestyled this in one take, what can I say it's from the bottom of my heart. πŸ’”


Using the term "alternative" to kinda blanket everything, instead of flatlisting every subculture known to man. β€’ Thought this would be fun to do, as it's a demonstration that participating in a specific subculture / lifestyle doesn't mean that you need to purely dedicate yourself to things that are associated with the lifestyle that you follow. You can like other things, obviously. Even if some purists might scorn you for it, but they can just go fuck themselves honestly. Anyway, here's some things and people that I like, and things that I do that fall outside of the alternative stereotype. β€’ 1: I really enjoy the work of Daron Malakain. In case if you don't know who he is, he's the guitarist of SOAD, and guitarist / vocalist of (Daron Malkian and) Scars On Broadway. Himself and Serj (who gets an honerable mention) were huuuuuge parts of my childhood and musical discovery escapades. Still remember watching the video of "Chop Suey!" on Kerrang TV when I was really young, and just being enthralled by Darons appearance. Messy, make-up smeared. It was creepy to my young mind, but I fucking loved it. He's just released a new Scars album, and "Guns Are Loaded" is my current guilty pleasure. He sings about some really triggering topics though, so, warning I guess? β€’ 2: Corey Taylor. Sorry, the guy is a god. I may listen to conciderably less Slipknot than what I did when I was about 13, but the guy's mind is just magnificent. I tend to watch some of his interviews in my spare time, just so I can digest some of his explicit takes on certain topics. Although explicit the guy is introspective and downright intellectual even while acting like a total goof. β€’ 3: I might get some nuclear hate for this, but I personally think that TØP are overrated. Sorry, please don't stab me. I mean absolutely no disrespect to the band or their fans, I just don't get the hype.


NEW VENTURE IN LIKE 2 WEEKS WE ARE NOT WORTHY??!!!! & if you don’t watch venture brothers... you really should.