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It is once again #flowgasmfriday 🎉🎉 geez that week flew by !? 😱 It’s been a goal of mine to foot hoop in #compasspose ever since I saw the amazing @kana_hoop do it last year !! Fiiinallly got it ! Flowmie hosts @bearded.flogasm @allthingsmartini Who wants to play @shesaphoenix_ @ch_elle_n @kriccet @yogahippielana @dizzy._.sloth #flowartsfriday #circusgirlshavemorefun #hooptrick #girlswhohoop #youcanhoopwithus


If you are ever lucky enough to find a weirdo , Never let them go ❣️ Currently organising theatre volunteer work for September and college courses! Wondering what amazing characters I will meet! #boundposes #dreambigorgohome #crazychicksbelike #weirdo #FlowersOnMyWall #crazyyoga


Your biggest challenge isn’t someone else, It’s the ache in your lungs and the burning in your legs, And the voice inside that yells “can’t” But you don’t listen. You just push harder and then you hear the voice whisper “can”. Then you discover the person you thought you were is no match for the one you really are. Happy #tilttuesday all! Bodysuit is @iheartraves use code ‘CASPLURVIBES’ Socks are @psyrals ✨ #standingsplits #theflexiblequeens #plurvibes #girlswhoyoga #yogasocks #sockstagram


RIGHT so I missed #flowgasmfriday with my amazing talented co hosts @bearded.flogasm and @allthingsmartini and then I forgot to take a hoop to comicon as I intended! Then I missed the start of the 80’s yoga challenge I’d waited weeks for so dammit I was determined to get some flow time in today! 👌 it’s the start of summer break in like a week so my routine is gonna be out the window but I’ll try my best to stay on top of host days ☀️ oh and it’s my birthday in August so I’m thinking maybe a celebration giveaway? 🤔 #girlswhohoop #luminancer #lighttrailtuesday #glowflow #moodhoops #glowhoop


It was crazy over the weekend and I’m behind on #flowgasmfriday from last week! I’ll hopefully get some hoop time this week! Repost @casa.de.hooplah with @get_repost ・・・ It's about time we do a giveaway! Rules are super simple 👇 🦄 #25kgiveayay 🦄 REPOST 🦄 Tag 3 hoopers! 🦄 Follow @casa.de.hooplah 2 Winners will receive 1 prize each 1st place is a 2 pc colored bare gyro hoop of your choice 2nd place is a Rasta Reflective hoop! ❤️ 💛 💚 🖤 Good luck and don't forget to follow all the rules! You may repost up to 5 times a day! Each repost is one entry! Winners will be randomly selected using a # generator 😎 Once the page hits 2.5k we will select the winners! #casadehooplah #hoopgiveaway #sacredcircle #youcanhoopwithus #flowprops #flowarts


Been taking a break but I’ll be back posting soon ! Focusing on IRL workouts/ choreography/ hoop and generally working on stuff for the future and getting back in shape👏🏻 comicon weekend was amazing !! thought I’d hop in on #bearbuttmondays with @moofasaurus and @b_heimerle bit of a #madhattermondaze mermaid bind too ! 🧜‍♀️ #dropitlikeasquat #mondaybumday #thiccthighssavelives #leotardlove #boundposes #musclesandmascara


Sassy Lunging mermaid for day 3 of #MermaidsinHeels 🧜‍♀️🙌🏼 RAIN is coming !!! Got so hot yesterday I shaved most of my head !! Is this unrelenting heat wave fiiiiinally gonna end cause I don’t want to attend Comic-Con as a giant hot mess 😂 Hosts @darla_coffman @rockabetty25 Sponsors @onzie @eightfoldyoga #picsart #yogaart #yogaisart #thiccthighssavelives #plurvibes #diva #highheels


Catching up on day 2 #MermaidsinHeels I’m a cpl days behind as yesterday I had to face a worse fear and rush my son to the emergency Doctor with suspected meningitis, thankfully tested negative but I was pretty much in shock for the rest of the damn day 😳 certainly puts getting shots for insta into perspective! Bodysuit ➡️ @iheartraves code ‘CASPLURVIBES’ will save you 💵 Heels ➡️ @tiffanysglitterheels ✨ Hosts @darla_coffman @rockabetty25 Sponsors @onzie @eightfoldyoga #onwednesdayswewearwhateverwewant #yogainheels #plurlyfe #highheels #shoesofinstagram #girlswhoyoga #yogafoxinsocks


Channel all your energy into the right places, Stay away from anything that doesn’t feel your soul ✨ Accidental king pidge from earlier I was supposed to be mermaiding! On Mondays I ship designs out to people and then wait for the happy pics of people in their custom pieces to come in ! It’s like sending out good karma into the universe , makes me smile 🙏🏼 #catsuit #flipgrip #yogainheels #pigeonpose #girlswhoyoga #monslay #thiccthighssavelives